Smoke Damage Repair

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Experiencing a fire of any sort in your home is disturbing enough, but along with the stress of the fire, is dealing with soot damage because it rarely spares anything and one wrong move and you can stain the items even more, rendering them no longer salvageable. To be able to conduct soot restoration effectively, you should know the basic characteristics of soot so you will know how to deal with the cleanup. Soot can destroy your home in many ways, including embedding itself into every possession you own, and it is important to remedy soot damage to prevent staining and further issues that are difficult to resolve without proper equipment and expertise. Therefore, you should hire a professional restoration company to handle soot damage.
Risks of doing soot / smoke restoration on your own

Any type of soot can be ingrained deeper into the surface if improperly handled, thus causing more damage and a more expensive remediation process. Additionally, the restoration should be done sooner then later because soot can damage everything it lands on within hours, sparing nothing. Walls, furniture, items made of plastic, marble, clothing, bedding etc. The time you will waste just trying to figure out what type of soot you have to cleanup can already lead to irreversible damage.
Three different types of soot

Wet Soot :
Caused by a blazing low fire which produces a gluey and strong odor and can leave surfaces badly stained.
Dry Soot: Caused by high temperature and fast burning fire. The soot left by fire appears to be light dust and generally does not cause much staining.
Protein Soot: This soot is the kind that you may not see but can cause much damage just the same. It can tarnish the varnish and paint of the surfaces it touches. It also emits a very strong foul odor.

Hiring 911 Flood to remedy smoke
/ soot damage

There are several reasons to hire a professional restoration company in the time following a house fire. Smoke damage remediation is a component of the fire restoration that all homeowners must do after a fire. Hiring a professional restoration company to complete this task for you offers many benefits. It allows the restoration contractors to address several issues simultaneously such as water damage, fire damage and smoke and soot damage. Professional restoration contractors also have the experience and training to remedy soot damage wherever it occurs in your home. Hiring a professional is the easiest and most worry free solution to any soot problem.

Call Immediately For Service To Prevent Further Damage

Quick action can save your property even after fire damage. 911 Flood will help by protecting your house and mitigating the damages. Fire destroys almost everything and can leave your home uninhabitable, however fire damage does not always mean a total loss. 911 Flood can restore your property completely and get you back to life the way it was before the loss occurred. This is our profession and passion